August 7-9 WP calling feat Barbara Alli LIVE in Gmunden/Linz/WIENAugust 7-9 WP calling feat Barbara Alli LIVE in Gmunden/Linz/WIEN

female vocal power & afrobeat soul jazz > LIVE in Austria in summer 2014:

August 7 @ 19h30 > GMUNDEN / Stadttheater (Festwochen)
August 8 @ 21h00 > LINZ / Smaragd (Cultur-Café)
August 9 @ 20h30 > WIEN / Dschungel (MuseumsQuartier)


Aug. 7 > +43 (0)7612 70630,
Aug. 8 > +43 (0)699 18190001,
Aug. 9 > +43 (0)1 522072020,

WERNER PUNTIGAM (A) trombone & conch shell
MARTIN BERAUER (A) bass & gumbri

The groovy intercultural band project of the Austrian trombonist WERNER PUNTIGAM feat. the charismatic vocalist BARBARA ALLI (born in Ghana, grown-up in Nigeria and now based in Vienna/Austria) plus top musicians such as PATRICK SEDOC (g), ADI NIMMERFALL (fl), MARTIN BERAUER (b) and FLORIAN TUCHACEK (dr), founded in March 2013, sets the house on fire with soulful vocals and high voltage afrobeat. It’s not only the expressive voice of Barbara Alli and its warm timbre, also her West African charm goes straight to the heart of the people. She easily changes between sentimental ballads and pulsating Afrobeat with lyrics in Nigerian Yoruba, the language of Fela Kuti. The Dutch top guitarist Patrick Sedoc, born in Suriname, originates from a Creole family and feels at home at any music style: funk, jazz, afro, rock etc. He’s commuting permanently between Amsterdam and Paris. The Austrian master bass player Martin Berauer is also based in Paris and heavily involved in the local music scene but also toured several times in Africa and Asia. Adi Nimmerfall, also from Linz/A, is an exceptional soloist on flute and also performed in several African countries. Being a solid beat keeper and creator of fantastic drums solos full of spirit is the job of Florian Tuchacek from Vienna/A. Werner Puntigam is not only performing on trombone and conch shell but also takes the responsibility for the musical conception like on diverse smaller and larger band projects of different music styles founded by him. In late 2013 he’s been honoured with the ‚Upper Austrian Award for Art in the context of Intercultural Dialogue 2013‘.

contact/booking: +43 676 6121836,


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